Tired of Overpaying for Public Sewer Lines?

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While many homeowners in Fresno, CA connect their plumbing to public sewer systems, some need their own septic tank. If you live in an area that isn't serviced by a sewer system or just want to explore other plumbing options, trust Central Cal Plumbing, Inc. for your septic installation. We'll handle every aspect of your service from breaking ground to the final inspection.

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3 key ways to maintain your septic tank

3 key ways to maintain your septic tank

Protect your septic tank installation by keeping in mind these helpful tips:

  • Conserve your water to avoid complications with your system
  • Keep in mind what you're flushing down your drains
  • Invest in additions such as stimulators or enhancers
Implementing these helpful tips keeps your septic tank well-maintained for an extended period of time.

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